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Video takes too long to save or upload

 Hi, There!

I just purchased the one year version of this program.  The software is amazing, and I've fallen in love with the way it works and the idea of it. What a great concept, and what an amazing idea.  Who wouldn't love the idea of video scribe? 

But you have a huge issue with the rendering of the video once the work is completed, and so much so, that a lot of people are not going to stick around for the video rendering or as a customer as a result of the issues with rendering videos. 

The video rendering, eg, saving or uploading feature is horrible.  It said at first it would take 8 minutes for me to post it on Facebook.  I waited two hours.  So then I tried saving as a Powerpoint file.  That said 78 hours.  Then I tried saving as a video file. 

At first, it said 30 minutes, but it's been several hours (about 3 hours) and instead of saying 30 minutes, it now says 40 minutes.  This is way too much time to invest in something that claims to be "quick."

It may be quick to create the content, but if you have no way of accessing it or sharing it with others, it's pointless and useless.  I'm really disappointed with videoscribe after my first day with it. 

You all need to do something to get these videos to save and upload quicker.  Otherwise, everyone is going to be asking for refunds all the time, as it appears on the Q&A and in the forum that many customers are doing just that. 

Why not just improve the functionality of the saving and uploading feature?  I read already that it takes a lot of resources to upload or save... so tell people that when they buy it.  SAY:  It takes 2 days to save it even if it only takes a few hours to create the videoscribe.  I feel I've been dupped and cannot render a video and therefore, the work I put into this has been lost, not to mention the investment of funds, and the investment of time just waiting... and it's hogging up a lot of space and resources on my computer. 

You cannot blame one's internet speed, nor the size of the files, nor their computers as you claim in the forums and Q&As.  We are downloading and uploading many other files and use software programs to convert other types of creations.  This one is unreasonably slow and terribly dysfunctional. 

Please fix it!

Thank you!


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Hi Cynthia,

Sorry for the delay in our response, our office has been closed due to UK bank holidays which occurred on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Sorry that you are having a bad time creating a video of your scribe. We will be able to help you out with this, just save the scribe to your online directory (cloud icon), let us know the name and we can take a look.

I came to know about video scribe from my friend.  just download trial version. it seems to be awesome.  But it reallyl take 1 hr-3hr even 30 minutes is to much time . I have created a video in just 20 minutes( I am new user)  . as a trial version I could not save it but my friends said it really take too much time and video size is big .. .    

I am in a fix now! should I buy this ?

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