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Donde se guarda el video en la nube?

Guarde un  video y no lo encuentro en mi drive con el que me hice la cuenta!

como hago para descargar o compartir el video?

During the free trial, users can only render videos by uploading direct to YouTube, Facebook and PowerPoint. Free trial scribes carry the VideoScribe logo.

Rendering a scribe means creating a video out of it. Changing the resolution of your scribe affects the quality of the finished video.

Users with a Sparkol subscription can render up to full HD 1920x1080. Save to your computer as a Quicktime MOV, AVI, or WMV video file, or as a PNG or JPG image sequence. Or send a video straight to YouTube, Facebook and PowerPoint.

You can also create a video by publishing it to the website (version 2.3 onwards). From, videos can be shared, downloaded or embedded on your own website.

How to render your scribe

To render your scribe, select the ‘Publish (render) your scribe video’ icon in the top right of the toolbar and select from the options.

If you are having problems rendering your scribe, please save your scribe to your online directory, open a support ticket and I can take a look for you.

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