Already logged in another machine...

  • i'm having a similar issue where i work on a project at work and then want to continue at home but forget to log off my work computer.  there has to be a way to remotely log out any other machine thst is logged in as long as the right credentials are being used.  

    can you please, please fix this! 

  • I Wayne,

    We would advise to ensure you log out of the previous computer.

    VideoScribe is designed not to allow you do do what you have explained in the scenario you have posted.

    We are looking at different ways for the log in process to work but currently you will not be able to be logged into more than one computer at any time.

    Thanks, Joe

  • hey Joe,

    not trying to log into 2 computers at once, but want to be able to disconnect from one computer when I log into another.  this way if I forget then no issue.  I understand the concerns of multiple users and licences and im not trying to circumvent that, but not having the ability to log out from one computer when you use another device is archaic.  

    even something as simple as logging out of any other device on a password change, similar to what facebook offers would be beneficial.  

    as it stands, I called my office to check my computer there and it was turned off and I am still getting this error message and I have no idea what to do now.  please tell me you can remotely log me off so that I can access this program which I purchased.


  • Hi Wayne currently the only way to log out of VideoScribe  would be to do it manually.

    Apologies this is not ideal for you.

    If you encounter a time when you have not done this, pleas let us know and we can assist you.

    Thanks, joe

  • Здравствуйте, у меня сегодня, вышло сообщение, что я вошла с другого компьютера.

    Я пользуюсь на данный момент только одним ноутбуком и программа установлена на одном.

    Программа постоянно зависает, и я не могу войти и отредактировать уже созданное и сохраненное видео. 

  • Hi Nadezda,

    Sorry that you are having issues with this.

    From what I understand, you are trying to open a scribe which is causing VideoScribe to crash, and then when you try to log in again you get this error message. Is that correct?

    If so, as the error message states you will be able to log in again after 5 minutes. Regarding the scribe, if you save that in your online (cloud) folder and let us know the name of the scribe we can take a look at it and help you resolve the crashing issue.

  • I love VideoScribe, but I have to say this issue is causing me no end of grief.  It would be ideal if you were able to offer an option to log the 'other machine' off.  I have had some issues with VideoScribe freezing and having to reboot every time is really annoying.  I am not losing work because I save frequently, but I am losing time, which is a problem.

  • The tips in the following thread may help you prevent freezes and crashes, and thereby avoid the "logged in on other machine" error:


    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • It's utterly unbelievable to me that Sparkol would actually post a long article on the things I have to do to prevent their system from crashing rather than fix the bugs that cause the system to crash. If you know enough to identify the things that make the system unstable, then you know enough to fix the system. You guys have to drop all work on all new features and concentrate on nothing but bug fixes for a few months, then provide a bug-fix release. 

  • Hi,

    (Sparkol didn't post that list)

    I understand your frustration, but please notice that I signed my above comment AND the post at the link with "videoscribe user"

    The list is mostly an attempt to provide suggestions for using the product efficiently and "as intended". I also included a few workarounds and known bugs some of which have been resolved in newer versions of the program.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I'm getting this problem now - I get the message and cannot get beyond it. Why can I not manually terminate the session from logging in online or something? I am in New Zealand starting work and needing to get going but no support until tonight NZT. Ggggrrrh!

    I hope this doesn't keep happening, especially without the support hours in my favour, this is intolerable.

  • I am having the same issue. It's very frustrating. I pay for software and then can't use it. 

  •  LAME!!!!

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  • If you are having problems logging in, please raise a support ticket and include as much details as possible and we will look into it for you.

  • Similar to some other users on the post here, I am working on a project at work and wish to continue at home. I can't because I'm still logged in at work - my bad. Bu telling me that I should ensure that I am logged off or "go to the other machine and log off" is the type of solution I thought disappeared in the 1990's.

    It is very disappointing that there is no way for me view my active session on my account, then to terminate that session and log on from home. I would imagine that this would be a feature that many customers would appreciate. I can understand why you may not wish to implement this feature, but you are making this an issue (and extreme annoyance) for paying customers.

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