Already logged in another machine...

  • It would be a good idea to start a thread, in the "requested" features" section of the forums,  asking for the option to either automatically log off of one machine when logging into another. Or to be able to log in to this website to terminate a session remotely.

    Currently, if it happens during UK business hours, you could email, phone or raise a support ticket to ask support to do it for you.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hello I have an urgent deadline in 9 hours, I haven't finished making mine and I've already done everything recommended. Last time I opened it was yesterday night, it's currently in the afternoon. I recall saving it but I did close it right away. Something happened with our internet connection today too and I already cleared my cache, I waited for so many minutes and nothing has worked. Please kick me out of my account ASAP so that I can immediately log on back to it and continue with my work. Thanks

  • Please see the suggestions on this help page to work through that error -

    If you are still having problems after that please raise a ticket and include details of what you have tried in the ticket so we don't ask you to do those things again.

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