"Cannot login: An unknown error occurred" - No access to VS or online Account

  •  the same problem is also in germany, it's 3pm. I even called in the UK! I uploaded an SVG from adobe file and then nothing worked. Has anyone an idea what can be done? Please solve the problem as soon as possible.
  • Hi. I'm getting the same problem in South Africa. When I try to log in, I get the following error; Cannot log in: An unknown error occurred. I have no idea how to fix this. Can anyone help?

  • I'm having the same issue with the error message, and have an important project due tomorrow, will this issue be resolved by then

  • Update: I am now able to login. Hope all of you are able to as well!

  • Hello, some customers were reporting this problem for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. 

    If you are experiencing these issues I would recommend resetting your password via https://www.videoscribe.co/en/forgotten-password and restarting you machine before trying again.

  • It happens again right now. Am I the only one? Need to access it super urgently. If this continues to happen, I will have to search for another similar service.
  • Ok after around 20 attempts and around 10 minutes later, somehow managed to login. But I'm curious if it can save my files. And scared about the stability now for tonight.
  • "unable to connect to search sever. Please check your internet connection and try again" when I want to find images from the library.
  • @Max: Im also experiencing the same problem! Maybe they are having issues with the servers, not sure!

  • Yes happening for me again too. Most likely a server issue like last time. 

  • Hi everyone. 

    There is currently an outage with AWS which is affecting VideoScribe. Unfortunately this is a third-party issue and affecting lot's of users & other websites. 

    We are monitoring the situation, but there is nothing we can currently do until the outage has been resolved by the third party. 

  • An unknown error is coming in the app of video scribe
  • “Cannot log in: An unknown error occurred.”

    I got a error message now while I plan to continue my work using VideoScribe.

    Please fix this issue asap, thank you.

  • The same problem is also in Vietnam 22,03 am 10.
    I need to use it, please sole the problem as soon as possible!!

    Thank you.

  • Hello.

    I can't log in again today. Is anyone else in the same situation?

    I'm having trouble because I work with Videoscribe.