Change the background

Discover the dazzling different background options you can choose to use in your scribe...

VideoScribe allows you to create excellent animations on a classic whiteboard background, but you can customize this background if you wish to create a different effect. Try combining the different textures and colors for a variety of backdrops!

Top tip: You don't need to use the default white background for your canvas, why not mix things up with a background texture or color? Check out our blog post on creating striking custom backgrounds.

To access the background settings for your scribe, click the ‘Background Options’ icon in the top menu bar.


Changing the background color

  • Clicking on the square in the bottom right corner of the menu will open up the color palette, from which you can select a color.
  • If you wish, you can also enter a hex code to get the exact color you need.
  • When you’ve selected the color you'd like to use, click the tick to confirm.

Adding a background texture

Our background textures create the effect that your animations are taking place on different surfaces, for example paper or stone.

Select one of the nine textures in the menu to apply it to your project. To return to the default blank texture, select the top left texture.

By choosing specific textures and using certain colours, you can create quite convincing effects of your animations taking place on different surfaces. We’ve created this handy guide on using each of the nine textures with custom colour hex codes to create great backgrounds.


Adding a vignette

You can add a vignette to create a “spotlight” effect in your scribe. The vignette surrounds your camera view and will follow the camera as your scribe progresses.

  • Use the vignette drop-down menu to turn on or off a vignette.
  • You can use a soft or hard vignette, depending upon how dark you’d like the area surrounding the vignette to be.