How to use templates

Our ever-growing library of professionally-designed templates allows you to pick from pre-made designs.

When you log into VideoScribe for your browser, you’ll have an abundance of templates available to choose from at the top of the project screen. Select the ‘View all’ button in the right-hand corner to view all of the templates available. Hover over the template to either ‘Preview’ or ‘Use’ the template. 

  • You can see more templates in each category by using the arrows at the end of each line
  • Select the ‘View all’ button to view all of the templates in the corresponding category

Once you select a template to use, you can edit it as if you’ve created it from scratch. It’s as customizable as you need it to be!

Top tip: Check out our blog post on how to customize our video templates to get the absolute best out of our template collection!