Log in to VideoScribe for your browser

Need help logging in? This article will show you how…

There are two options to log into VideoScribe for your browser. 

Option 1:

Head straight to this link- https://www.videoscribe.co/app/. This will bring you directly to the application.

You might be prompted to enter your login details before accessing VideoScribe for your browser.

Top Tip: Bookmark this link in your browser to make accessing VideoScribe quick and easy!

Option 2:

You can also access the application via the VideoScribe website. If you’re already logged into VideoScribe, click the profile button drop-down menu, located in the top right corner of the screen. Then select VideoScribe for your browser to access the application.

If you’re not logged into VideoScribe, you’ll see a Login button instead of the profile button. Click the Login button in the top right corner of the screen and enter your account details. Click ‘Login to continue’ to access the application. 

If you're trying to log into VideoScribe for your desktop, check out this article for full details.