Add fonts

VideoScribe for Desktop uses both Google fonts and computer fonts. This article will show you the differences between the font systems and how to use them.

Google fonts

We have a pre-installed selection of Google fonts available in the drop-down menu. Select the font from the drop-down menu to use it in your project. 

  • You can filter the list to only see Google fonts by selecting the “VideoScribe font library” filter
  • If you know the name of the font you want to use, type it into the ‘Search Fonts’ box to find it quickly 

Top tip: Google fonts support different languages. Not all languages are available in all fonts. You can filter by language using the filter button. This will then show you the available fonts for your selected language. 

Computer fonts

You can also use fonts that are installed on your computer for your project. 

Select the ‘Add Fonts’ button to open the list of fonts from your computer.

  • Click the font you wish to add - it will then appear in the right-side column
  • If you know the name of your font, use the ‘Search Fonts’ box to find it
  • Click the tick to add it to your font selection

Please note: The font must be installed on your computer to appear in the list of fonts. Check out these support articles for installing fonts on your Mac or Windows computer. 

The font will then appear in your drop-down font menu. You can filter the fonts by “Your imported fonts” to only see your computer fonts. 

Top tip: Computer fonts will also be distinguished in the drop-down menu with the word ‘Bitmap’ at the end of the font name. 

Computer fonts are bitmap files which means there are some limitations when using these fonts:

  1. Language support - computer fonts don’t have full language support
  2. Quality of text - the text can become blurry when zoomed in or enlarged
  3. Kerning - the spacing between text characters can be inconsistent
  4. Color - you can’t change the color of individual words in a single text box