VideoScribe music copyright

All soundtracks provided in VideoScribe are fully licensed with the music producer.

Occasionally copyright alerts can be sent by YouTube disputing the copyright status of a music track you have used on your video. If you mistakenly receive a copyright alert when you upload your scribe to a hosting site such as YouTube, it may be because:

  • The soundtrack contains royalty-free samples and loops that are non-exclusive (so more than one track on YouTube will contain the same samples or loops)
  • YouTube has mistakenly identified one of our tracks as an unrelated track
  • The track requires accreditation

What to do if you experience a copyright issue:

Step 1. Confirm the soundtrack is from VideoScribe’s soundtrack library.

Step 2. Identify the track name and producer (Sparkol Music, Danosongs, Hark Music or KeyActions) from the full list of music within VideoScribe (pdf).

Step 3. Once you have identified the track and the producer, follow the advice in the appropriate section below to update the copyright query or to accredit your video's soundtrack on YouTube.

  • If you have any further issues with music labelled 'Sparkol Music', contact us directly by raising a support ticket  with the full details of the dispute.

VideoScribe music providers:

As well as music produced in-house, VideoScribe contains tracks from the following providers:

Hark Music

All tracks labelled Hark Music in VideoScribe are composed by and fully owned by Kevin Hicks, owner of Hark Productions and the Hark Music Series.

Hark Productions and Sparkol have a standing agreement that these tracks may be used by VideoScribe subscribers freely and in an unlimited capacity for the duration of the agreement between Sparkol and Hark Productions.

Usage of these tracks by VideoScribe subscribers in any public online forum (including social sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.) is fully covered by this agreement and does not pose any copyright infringements.

Read the full licence agreement and a list of Hark Music tracks.


We have purchased a number of tracks from for use with VideoScribe. Our purchase of royalty-free music from gives you the following rights:

  • You can use the music in any type of media (videos, audios, broadcast TV, CDs and DVDs)
  • You may use the music in as many of your own projects as you wish
  • You are not required to provide a link to
  • You may not claim copyright to the music. Copyright remains with Anita Unsworth.
  • You may not sell, give or otherwise distribute the original music files or any derivative to any third party

Dan-O Songs provides music for download but asks that you provide a note crediting Dan-O as the producer.

You will need to make this information visible in the credits or description of your video, and use this exact text taken directly from the licence:

Dan-O at

Further advice can be found in these FAQs.

Please note that music tracks produced by Dan-O songs are no longer available in VideoScribe - please see this Instant Answer  for more details.

How to dispute a content ID claim with YouTube

To dispute a content ID claim for a video on YouTube, you will need to follow this process .