What are customized templates?

These are included within each of our three Solution Package tiers and are templates for use within VideoScribe.

We are continually looking to make the process of adopting VideoScribe for individuals and businesses as easy as possible. One development that we are particularly proud of is our templates. Pre-designed and animated by our creative team, these significantly increase the ease and speed of creating polished and professional looking videos, with all the creative thinking done for you. Simply tweak the images and text to match your message!

Taking things one step further, and included with all our VideoScribe Solution Packages, is a block of time with our in-house design team - to create one or more (dependant on your package tier) templates fully customized to your organization's brand, including color palette and logo. This allows you to create fantastic video content quickly and easily that is on-brand and on-message.

Top tip: Click here to learn more about templates in VideoScribe.

Some examples of VideoScribe templates

VS Template Example 3

VS Template Example 2

VS Template Example 1