Instant answers

We’ve got a broad, useful set of Instant Answers for you - arranged in 12 handy sections.
Your Account
Everything from amending your details to managing your subscription
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Installation and login
First things first, let's get VideoScribe installed and you logged in
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Tutorials and templates
Ideal for newcomers, learn how to make a video with our tutorials or start with one of our templates
Section 3 of
Audio, hands and background
Adding sound, choosing a hand and changing the background canvas
Section 4 of
Adding canvas elements
How to add images, text and charts and the different ways they can be animated
Section 5 of
Transitions and timings
Use the camera to frame the different scenes of your video and also find out how to use the timeline
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Tips and techniques
Lots of little things that can make your video stand out or make your experience smoother
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Saving your scribe
There are a few different ways you can save your project so you can come back and make changes later
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Publishing your video
Happy with your project? Now it's time to publish it into a sharable video file.
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Solutions to common issues
What to do if you run into an error message while using VideoScribe
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Versions and release notes
Lots of information about software updates and what's included with our different subscription packages
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Legal terms
Licence, payment and web terms all in one place along with some FAQs answered without legal jargon.
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