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Last updated 2020-05-18 09:57:55 +0100

This instant answer will take you through the process you need to follow to install VideoScribe on a Windows PC. These instructions can also be used if you need to upgrade your version of VideoScribe.

Step 1. Log into your online Sparkol account.

This is done via our website by clicking on ‘Account’ in the top right corner (A).

Enter the email address you signed up for an account with (B) and password (C) and click ‘Login to continue' (D).

Step 2. Click on the ‘Download’ button (E).

Step 3. Pick the download option applicable to your Windows operating system.

VideoScribe for Windows is available in both 64-Bit (F) and 32-Bit (G) and the version you need will depend on which version Windows you are running on your computer. If you are not sure here is a link to a Microsoft help page which explains how to find out. If you are still not sure please contact the support team who will be happy to help further.

Once you have clicked on the download button for the version you need the download will start automatically. By default, most browsers will save the install file to your ‘Downloads’ folder.

Step 4. Find the installer file.

When the download is complete, open File Explorer, go to your Downloads folder (H) and double-click the VideoScribe64.msi (64-bit) or ‘VideoScribe.msi’ (32-Bit) file (I).

Step 5. Proceed with the setup.

The Sparkol VideoScribe setup wizard will then be displayed on the screen.

Click on the 'Next' button (J) to proceed.

Step 6. Select where you would like VideoScribe to be installed.

Your ‘Programs’ folder will be selected by default (K), click 'Next' (L) to continue.

Step 7. If you are upgrading to a newer version of the VideoScribe software, you will see the screen below. 

Click the ‘Yes’ button (M) to confirm that you want to overwrite the current version installed on your computer, this will not affect the scribe projects saved on your machine. 

Step 8. Click on the Install button (N) to proceed.

Step 9. Finish the installation and launch VideoScribe.

Keep 'Launch Sparkol VideoScribe' (O) checked and click on Finish (P).

The installation is complete and the VideoScribe software will now open.

If you have any problems installing, please see Troubleshooting and Minimum system requirements for VideoScribe desktop.

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