'Unidentified developer' message when installing VideoScribe on a Mac

Last updated 2018-03-09 12:39:13 +0000

What to do if you see an error message saying “VideoScribe can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”

This error message (A) appears when you try to install the software and your security settings only allow applications from the Mac App Store to be installed. You can safely install the software by following these instructions.

Step 1. Locate the VideoScribe.dmg file

By default, the installer file will be in your Downloads folder (A). Press and hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key, then click on the VideoScribe.dmg file and a menu will appear. Choose 'Open' from the menu (B).

Step 2. Drag the VideoScribe icon into your Applications folder

A box will appear with the VideoScribe icon on the left (A) and an Applications folder on the right (B). Complete the Install by dragging the VideoScribe icon into the Applications folder.

Step 3. Locate the VideoScribe application in your Applications folder and open the application.

You need to open your Applications folder and double click on VideoScribe (A).

If you get another message saying the application cannot be opened ‘because it is from an unidentified developer’ (A) follow these further instructions.

Step 1. Ctrl click on the VideoScribe application. Hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click on the VideoScribe application with your mouse and a menu will appear (A).

Step 2. Click on Open in the menu and another warning message will appear asking ‘are you sure you want to open it?’. Click ‘Open’ (A) and VideoScribe will open. Once you have done this you will be able to open VideoScribe by double clicking on the application or open it from Launchpad.

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