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Last updated 2020-02-27 14:55:22 +0000

If you are publishing your videos directly to YouTube and experience a problem the options below will help you resolve the issue.

Option 1. Check your YouTube account is verified 

Before attempting to publish your scribe to YouTube, ensure that you have a verified YouTube account, else you will not be able to publish videos to YouTube through VideoScribe. If you are not sure how to do this please search YouTube Help for ‘Verify your YouTube account’ to find the latest instructions.

Option 2. Cannot ‘Allow’ YouTube Permissions

Some changes have been made to the way you 'Allow' permissions to publish to your channel. Because of this, some customers are unable to click on the any of the buttons or links displayed on this screen including the blue 'Allow' button permitting you to proceed with the process.

You can press 'Esc' to exit this screen and publish your project locally instead. Once you have a local copy of your video you can then manually upload this to your channel via

We are making some updates to the software to resolve this issue and expect this to be fixed in v3.6 of VideoScribe. 

Option 3. Publish locally and upload to your channel yourself   

When you choose the ‘YouTube’ publish option in VideoScribe we are using a link to your channel to upload the finished video for you. There are some restrictions on this link that do not exist if you have a copy of the video yourself and then upload it via

If you do not know how to publish a local file please see Option 1 on the Publish and share scribes help page. 

Option 4. Other troubleshooting steps 

Please Note - Some larger files or longer videos may never directly upload as they will be exceeding restrictions, you will need to use the method explained in Option 3 to get these videos onto your channel.

If you would still prefer to use the direct YouTube upload options but are still seeing this error message we have some further suggestions below. 

  • Save your work, shut down VideoScribe and restart your computer and try again
  • Create a short test scribe with just a single library image and publish it to YouTube - This will let us know if the service is working correctly. If it is, go back to Option 3 for the project you cannot publish
  • Reset your router - Turn it off for 30 seconds and try again
  • If using Wifi, try a wired (ethernet) connection instead 
  • Try using another computer - You can save your scribe to the cloud and open it from another device 
  • Confirm that there is no upload/download limit on your network. If you're in an office, you may need to speak to the network administrators 
  • If you’re in an office check that the network is set up to allow uploads to YouTube - This help page will assist your network admins - Download VideoScribe in my place of work or school
  • Check with your Internet Service Provider to see if there are any issues 
  • Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) has a number of known connection issues. If using this operating system you will need to either:
    • Upgrade to a newer OS
    • Ensure you are not using Wifi

If all these points have been checked and the small test scribe works, it may be down to the connection not being stable enough or an issue with the Wi-fi connection. 

If you need any assistance with any of the above or have further questions please raise a support ticket and provide as much information as you can about the steps you have taken.

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