Import and export scribes

Last updated 2020-06-26 10:46:57 +0100

This is useful if you are working on a project with other people as you can export projects from your VideoScribe and share with others or import projects that have been shared with you.


Please Note: Importing is not available to customers during the free trial, you must have a paid subscription to use this feature. You may not be able to import scribes made with newer versions of VideoScribe than the one that you are using, if this happens you will need to upgrade to the latest version of Videoscribe to import that project.

Step 1. Click on the import button (A) in the bottom left of your project screen 

Step 2. Find your project and open it 

An explorer window will open (Windows PC) or a finder window (Mac). Your scribe project will be saved as a .scribe file. Choose the project that you want to import (A) then click ‘open’ (B)

Step 3. Your scribe will open 

You can make any edits or changes to your scribe. It is a good idea to save your scribe locally so you can access it easily next time. 


Step 1. Pick the project you want to export 

To export a scribe, click on the pencil icon (A) on the thumbnail of the scribe you want to export.  

Step 2. Click on the export button (A)

Step 3. Choose your location and save your project 

An explorer window will open (Windows) or a finder window (Mac). Pick the location you would like to export your project. By default, the name will be set to match the name in VideoScribe but you can change this if you want (A) then press save (B).

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