Saved scribes are missing

Last updated 2020-10-07 10:00:21 +0100

If you cannot locate a scribe project there are a few basic checks to make ensure you are looking in the right location.


The scribe projects you have created can not be found in the expected save location.


1. The scribe is saved locally on a computer (the default save option) and are now using VideoScribe on a different computer. Your scribes are not saved online to the cloud as standard.

2. The scribe is saved the scribe locally using a PC with a specific user profile, and you are now logging into that PC with a different user profile

3. The scribe is saved to the online (cloud) directory and are looking for it in the local directory

4. You have created more than one Sparkol account and the scribes are stored in the online (cloud) directory on a different Sparkol account

5. The scribe has been saved by exporting it as .scribe file to your computer. If so, you will need to import it back into VideoScribe.

If reviewing these scenarios doesn't help you find your scribe, please contact our support team directly.

Please note: Any scribe file that you have deleted cannot be recovered.


Follow each of the possible causes listed above to identify the scribe project’s save location.

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