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Last updated 2019-07-28 15:12:05 +0100

You can cancel your subscription any time after the very first payment has been taken, and up to three business days before the next scheduled payment. When you have cancelled your payment, you will still be able to use VideoScribe and Tawe up until the time the next payment would have been due.

Step 1. Log into your online Sparkol account via our website by clicking on ‘account’ in the top right corner (A)

Step 2. Enter your email address (B) and password (C) and then click login (D)

Step 3. Click on ‘Subscriptions and invoices’ (E)

Step 4. Click on ‘cancel’ (F) next to your active subscription 

A small number of people will have an older subscription from previous payment partners. If this is you, steps 5 and 6 are not applicable. Instead, you will be directed to alternative instructions (see links below).

Cancellation instructions for BlueSnap

Cancellation instructions for PayPal

Step 5. Tick the box (G) then click on 'cancel subscription' (H)

Step 6. You will see this screen once you have successfully cancelled

You will also receive an email confirming your cancellation. Please keep this for your records.

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