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Historic fonts from VideoScribe v1

Last updated: 28 July 2019

This article shows how to restore Block, Marker, Outline & Script fonts, from version 1 of VideoScribe, in later versions.

Are you a long-term and loyal customer and can remember back as far a VideoScribe version 1? Well, there are a lot of you out there and we also know you are a nostalgic bunch and may miss the original fonts that were available in that version. We're not going to bring them back into the core font library at this stage but we have found a way of making them available to those who want them. The scribe files attached to this post each contain the one the 4 fonts that were originally available and these are Block, Marker, Outline & Script


So to use these fonts please download the appropriately named scribe project below and import that into VideoScribe. This will add the font to your profile and it will then be available in all your projects. 

Script.scribe Script.scribe

(237 KB)

Outline.scribe Outline.scribe

(55.5 KB)

Marker.scribe Marker.scribe

(160 KB)

Block.scribe Block.scribe

(63 KB)

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