Elements animating slower than the allotted time

Last updated 2019-11-08 15:42:45 +0000

If you are playing back your scribe and notice that the speed of an animation is much slower than the animate time that has been given to it, you may be experiencing the effects of a bug. 


The things you may notice when playing back your scribe that would indicate you are being affected by this bug are:

  • Problems with the synchronisation between animation and voiceover.
  • During playback, elements take a long time to animate compared to the amount of animate time they have been given.


An element that is set to 'Move-in' or 'Fade-in' will appear on the canvas more slowly during the preview when the default image quality setting is set too high.


We are still investigating this issue but have found that setting the Fade-in or Move-in elements to Draw will make them appear in the correct time so you can synchronise your voiceover.

When you are ready to render your scribe, set the elements to fade-in or move-in and then render it. The timings on the rendered video will be correct.

Lowering the default image quality setting will also make the image move in in the correct amount of time. After reducing the image quality setting, the affected images will need to be imported again from your computer (not from your recently used history).

Fix version

This was resolved in version 3.3.1. Please update to the latest version of our software for the best possible VideoScribe experience.

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