Rendered video plays differently than in VideoScribe

Last updated 2019-11-08 15:46:54 +0000

If you have rendered your scribe as a video and it is not playing the same as when you played it in VideoScribe, you may be experiencing the effects of a bug. 


The things you may notice in the rendered video that would indicate you are being affected by this bug are:

Images or text that should be appearing in sequence, with a pause in between, are showing at once.

Audio is not synchronised with the animation.

Image and/or text elements not showing up.


If a text element with a 0 second Animate time is immediately followed by any other element that has 0 second Animate time, any pause and transition times are ignored for the first element on the rendered video.


Add 0.1 seconds to the Animate time (A) and remove the hand of either element.

Fix version

This was resolved in version 3.4.0. Please update to the latest version of our software for the best possible VideoScribe experience.

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