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Last updated 2020-06-26 10:19:58 +0100

VideoScribe uses Google fonts and has a number of them pre-installed and ready to use, others need to be added as required.

Please Note: There were some key changes to the way text and fonts worked in v3.6 of VideoScribe. If you are using an earlier version of the software the features on this page will not be available to you unless you upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe. Please see our import fonts article if you wish to continue using the older version.

Step 1. If the font you need is not available, click on the ‘More fonts’ button

You will have a number of fonts available already from the drop-down menu on the top left of the ‘Add text’ window. To add more click on ‘More Fonts’.

Step 2. Browse the available fonts

The fonts you already have installed will show on the right of this window. On the left is a list of fonts you can add to VideoScribe. You can scroll up and down this list using the navigation bar, or the scroll wheel in the middle of your mouse.

Once you have decided on a font, hover over it and a blue plus symbol will appear and you can click this to add the font.  

You can see the font we selected has now been added to the list of the available fonts. You can repeat this step to add more fonts if you wish.

Please Note: All languages are not available in all fonts. VideoScribe uses Google fonts and you can check which fonts support the language you are using via

Can’t find the font you want in the list of the available fonts? You can make a request for any Google font via our What languages and fonts would you like to see? customer forum.

Step 3. Apply the font to your text

Click the tick to leave the More Fonts window and return to the text editor. 

The font will now be available in the font drop-down menu and you can apply this to your text as needed.

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