Access projects saved to your computer

How to open scribes saved on your computer

Note: For instructions on how to save a scribe project to your computer, see Save scribes on your computer and online.

Once you have saved a project to your computer, or if someone has sent you a project file, you can easily open the scribe in VideoScribe.

Step 1: Go to the projects screen.

The projects screen is the first screen you reach after you log into VideoScribe. When you first get to your project's screen, you'll see the VideoScribe templates tab by default. To view the scribes you have saved to your computer or any project files that have been shared with you, click the ‘Open Scribe’ button on the left-hand side (A).

Step 2: Find your project and open it.

An explorer window will open (Windows PC) or a finder window (Mac). Your scribe project will be saved as a .scribe file. The scribe project will appear in the folder you previously saved the project in. Choose the project that you want to open (B) then click ‘open’ (C).

The scribe project will then open so you can make any edits or changes to your project.

Access projects 2