Collaborating on your projects with other people

You can easily share your projects with other VideoScribe users to collaborate on. 

Please note: There were some key changes to the way saving works in v3.7 of VideoScribe. If you are using an earlier version of the software the features on this page will not be available to you unless you upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe.

If you’re working with someone else on a project VideoScribe users can easily share their projects with each other.

Step 1. Save your project to your computer

Step 2. Send your project file to another VideoScribe user

  • If you’re sending someone your project file, they will need access to their own VideoScribe account. The project ‘.scribe’ file can only be opened in VideoScribe.
  • Find your project file saved to your computer, and send this file to collaborate. You can always attach this file to an email, or upload it to a file-sharing site. If you work in the same organization, you can save the file in a shared location.

Step 3: Download the project file to your computer

  • If you’ve been sent a .scribe file, be sure to download the file to your computer. We’d recommend downloading it to a folder that you normally store your projects in.

Step 4: Log into VideoScribe and select ‘Open Scribe’

  • You will see an explorer window (Windows) or finder window (Mac) where you can find your saved project file. Select your project and click ‘Open’
  • You can then make any edits needed to your project. Once you’re happy with your changes, follow Steps 1-2 again to save your project to your computer, and send the file back over to your colleague.