My saved scribes are missing - VideoScribe for your desktop

Don't panic! If you can't locate your scribe project, here are a few quick checks to try first...

Check 1: Make sure you’re using the version of VideoScribe you first created the project with.

VideoScribe now comes in two versions:

  1. VideoScribe for your desktop 
  2. VideoScribe for your browser

The projects you create are unique to each version. This means that when you create a project in one version, it will not be compatible with the other. 

If you’re running an older version of VideoScribe for your desktop (v3.7 and below), be sure to upgrade to the latest version. You'll go through a migration process that will migrate any projects that you created on your computer into a folder of your choice (Migrating existing projects to the latest version of VideoScribe) so you can easily access them.

Check 2: VideoScribe desktop scribes can be be saved locally or online

Check for your scribes on both these locations:

  • Local scribes
    By default, projects are saved locally. Follow the steps in the article Access projects saved to your computer. You’ll need to be using the same computer the projects were originally created on. 
  • Online scribes
    Follow the steps in the article Access projects saved online to open projects saved online to the cloud. 

Check 3: Manually search for the project file on your computer

  • You can use Windows File Explorer or Mac OS Finder to search for your projects using the file extension '.scribe' to try and locate them on your computer. 
  • Then follow the steps to manually open them in VideoScribe. Please note that you cannot open .scribe files from outside of the program.

If you are still having difficulty finding your projects, please contact our support team directly