VideoScribe subscriptions

Check out this page for more information on VideoScribe subscriptions

Head to the VideoScribe pricing page to purchase a subscription. VideoScribe offers two subscription types:

  • Monthly plan - An automatically recurring payment. You will be billed once every month until you wish to cancel.
  • Annual plan - An automatically recurring payment. You will be billed once a year until you wish to cancel. You will receive two email reminders prior to the next payment. 

Select a plan and then enter the required information. Select ‘Pay Now’ to complete your purchase. 

Please note: You can cancel your subscription after your first subscription payment if you wish and you will still have access to the software for the period you have paid for. You will receive software updates for the duration of your subscription. 

Subscription FAQs

  1. Can I get a free trial before I purchase?
    Yes! Please sign up here for a free trial. The 7-day trial starts as soon as you log into the software.
  2. How many people can use a subscription? 
    One - you cannot share accounts. If a group of you needs to use the software then you need to purchase a team subscription.
  3. Will the scribes I made during my trial be there when I upgrade my subscription?
    Yes! The trial software is the same as the full version, no need to reinstall anything. Your account will automatically unlock the extra areas once you have purchased and you can keep working on your projects. You might need to log out of the software and log back in so it registers your account change.
  4. Can I get a discount? 

    Maybe, we offer 3 types of discounts and these are managed by voucher codes:

    • Educational discounts - We offer individual discounts for students and teachers. Head over to our Education page to find out more.
    • Charity and Non-Profit - You can check out what you need to qualify and apply on our Charity discount page.
    • Special offers - We occasional offer limited special offers. If you want a heads up on these, make sure you are subscribed to our marketing mailing list.