VideoScribe v3.4 release notes

We’ve just released VideoScribe v3.4.0 and it’s now ready for you to download from your account page

What's included...

Template projects

When you open VideoScribe you will see a new folder called 'Template Scribes'. Within this folder is an exciting new range of templates, making it quick and easy to create a personalised and engaging video. There will be 6 templates to choose from at first but we will be building on this and adding more. To find out more about these new templates visit the How to use templates help page.

Publish to Vimeo 

You can already publish your videos directly to YouTube and Powerpoint, well now we've teamed up with Vimeo so you can publish your VideoScribe projects directly to their platform as well. In just a few clicks you can choose your privacy settings and start the upload, find out more on our Publish and share scribes help page.

Previously purchased images

Have you ever purchased a premium image? There are a great range of illustrations sold by private illustrators directly in VideoScribe. We've made it a lot easier for you to find and re-use images you have already purchased by adding a 'My Purchased Images' folder to the options on the add image window. Find out more about premium images and this new feature on the Buying and using premium images help page.

American English language support

You say organization, I say organisation! We have a lot of friends across the pond that use VideoScribe so in this update we have added American English to the supported languages and you can update this in your user preferences.

User interface improvements 

  • We've made some great changes and additions to the way the timeline quick menu works. 
    • There is a new 'Lock Image' option to stop you accidentally moving or amending an element
    • There is a new 'View an element's camera position' button too 
    • View Properties, Delete and Hide and all still available
    • Back by popular demand! Double-clicking on the image will now show the images camera position. We had changed this to opening the properties box but we've listened to your feedback and switched this back.
  • It's now a lot easier to resize, move and rotate elements that are hidden behind others. Once selected on the timeline all of those handles will take precedence over any elements in front of them.  
  • Ever accidentally moved an element on your canvas? We've got that covered as move has been added to the actions covered by Undo (Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z)

Bug Fixes

We’ve also squashed some pesky bugs in v3.4 of VideoScribe, all of the below will not happen after you upgrade: 

  • Published videos were slightly out of time compared with the preview, this was more noticeable in longer videos
  • You can set the amount of time VideoScribe takes to 'Zoom at End' again, this is controlled by the transition time of the final element of your project
  • Some projects were ending prematurely when published as a .mov file
  • Images were moving slightly on the canvas when you changed and saved a property
  • If you replaced an image that you were using to 'Morph from' the application would change the image but start morphing from the first element of your project instead 
  • Fade in was not as crisp since we changed to using pure SVGs within VideoScribe, it's now nice and sharp again. 

We’ve packed a lot in and we hope you like the sound of all these improvements! Here’s how you upgrade to v3.4…

If you would like to upgrade to the latest release of VideoScribe, simply download and install it here. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please see the links below.

Download and install VideoScribe – PC

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac