VideoScribe v3.7 release notes

Here's a list of the updates included in the VideoScribe v3.7 release...

We’ve made some significant changes to the way your scribes will be saved in this version:

  • Saving locally has been simplified
  • Saving online is also more simple and more stable across all operating systems
  • You can now choose where your projects are saved, rather than them being saved in a designated application folder

This means that when you first open VideoScribe v3.7 you will be asked to migrate your projects out of the application folder, to a location of your choice. We’ve created a wizard that will help you do this and instructions on how to use this can be seen in the video below. Further details can be found on our Migrating existing projects to v3.7 help page.

Performance and stability improvements

  • Improvements to publishing to help reduce crashes and improve stability
  • General improvements to stability and usability

We’ve packed a lot in and we hope you like the sound of all these improvements! Here’s how you upgrade to the latest version…

If you would like to upgrade to the latest release of VideoScribe, simply download and install it here. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please see the links below.

Download and install VideoScribe – PC

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac


--- Addendum for v3.7.3622 - released 5th of May 2021 ---

We’ve released an update to v3.7 which includes...

  • The following improvements when adding text:
    • You can now filter fonts by the language you are using
    • The last five fonts you used will show at the top of the font list 
    • Add more fonts with fewer clicks
    • Larger and clearer previews of a font style
  • Some further improvements to the stability of save
  • Improved stability and performance to elements and the canvas, including the following bug fixes:
    • Undo was not undoing the resizing of objects
    • The scroll wheel was not allowing you to zoom in and out
  • General bug fixes, improvements and stability, including:
    • Drawn text sometimes missed the first letter when rendered
  • Progress with macOS 11 Big Sur - we’re not quite ready for full support but this release has significant progress within it, including a fix for the two most reported bugs