VideoScribe v3.9.5 release notes

Here's a list of the updates included in the VideoScribe v3.9.5 release...

Project Screen Refresh

You might notice the project screen looks a little different...well we’ve given it a fresh lick of paint to make things a little easier. 

Functionality-wise, the project screen works the same. There are a few new added features which include:

  • Learn Menu Option - You can now easily access our tutorials, webinars, and Udemy courses!
  • Support Menu Option- Open up our Support Hub easily to get quick access to all of our support articles on everything VideoScribe.
  • My Account Menu Option - Access your account page quickly to make any account changes. 
  • Grid and List view - You can choose how you want to view your scribes and templates!

General performance and stability fixes

There are always lots of little improvements in every update to make the experience smoother, the most significant bug fixes in this update are...

  • Morph not appearing on imported images
  • Resize, rotate, and move multiple elements on the canvas 
  • Imported MP3’s continue playing when the preview has been stopped
  • Changing the font color for a portion of text in the text box will apply color to the other word not selected 

Hope you like the sound of all these improvements! Here’s how you upgrade to the latest version…

If you’d like to upgrade to the latest release of VideoScribe, simply download and install it here. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please see the links below.

Download and install VideoScribe – PC

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac

--- Addendum for v3.9.6 - released 19th January 2022 ---

We’ve released this update to fix the following bug introduced by changes in the 12.1 update to macOS Monterey.

Customers were experiencing an issue when performing actions that require Finder to open in VideoScribe. This included:

  • Importing audio, images and other media
  • Publishing or saving your project locally
  • Opening locally saved scribe projects

The second action which required Finder to open resulted in the application not responding. Once Finder is displayed, the only resolution will be to force quit and close the application.

This is now fixed in v3.9.6

--- Addendum for v3.9.7 - released 24th January 2022 ---

We’ve released this update to fix an issue where the font and position of text would change when the edit properties box was opened. After a few changes, the text properties would no longer open. 

This is now fixed in v3.9.7