• My 7-day trial expired and I got an email asking what I thought of the program. While I didn't get a lot of time for the evaluation, I do have some preliminary opinions:

    1. For a seemingly simple and first-gen program, $30/mo or >$600 to buy seems pretty steep. I'm paying less per month for PremierPro CS6.

    2. The posted Videoscribe examples are uninspired. Get some videos done by designers.

    3. The hand-drawing effect is trendy but I fear it will lose its appeal over time. The animation (moving and morphing) has real promise but it annoyingly slow and difficult to execute a desired movement.

    4. The UI seems unnecessarily difficult requiring too many clicks for some of the effects. Is there no way to group-select objects? Why is the default drawing timing 30 long seconds? Why can't I control the zooming more easily?

    Admittedly these comments are first impressions, but I think the trial period should be longer and with full capabilities. I just found out that some of my earlier questions were due to not having the Pro version. What kind of test is that? Put in a watermark, or whatever, but give users a chance to properly evaluate the full program.

  • Really useful feedback Jay.  Not sure if the ideas section is the right spot for these observations - but it definitely does give us ideas can implement in the pending version 2.

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