VideoScribe V12.3.1 Lag and Slow Performance

  • I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with the recent performance of VideoScribe version 12.3.1. As a long-time user of your software, I have always appreciated its functionality and ease of use. However, the lag and slow performance issues in this latest release have significantly hindered my productivity and overall experience. The lag in VideoScribe 12.3.1 is particularly frustrating when I am trying to create animations and presentations. It is causing delays in my work and making it challenging to meet deadlines. Tasks that used to be smooth and efficient have now become a time-consuming struggle.

    I kindly request that your team investigate and address these issues as soon as possible. Users like myself rely on VideoScribe for our work, and a subpar user experience can be a significant inconvenience. Timely resolution of these performance problems would greatly enhance our satisfaction with your product.

  • Hi there Navajyoti- sorry to hear you're having issues with VideoScribe for your desktop. We've passed on your feedback to the rest of our team. We would advise raising a ticket with our support team here and attaching your project to the ticket as well so they can take a closer look and provide some recommendations going forward. 

    If you haven't already, be sure to try out VideoScribe for your browser too, as this is included in your VideoScribe subscription. You might find the browser version is quicker to use.