is there an Android app?

  • I see that the website claims to have an Android app but when i click on that link, Appstore can't find it. Is the Android app still available?

  • Hi Sundeep,

    The Android application was removed from general sale a few months back.

    We are in the process of creating a new app for Android like the recent one we have developed for iPad.

    Once it is available will will announce it's arrival via the usual communications channels and out newsletter.

  • Joe

    Do you have an anticipated release date?

    I am considering purchasing a small notebook purely to take around with me to work on my Scribes without lugging the laptop around all of the time - but if the Android app is being launched soon enough I could either use it on my current tablet or have a wider choice of notebooks to consider...




  • Yeah! I too want to know the same. Is there a tentitive date? Bought two samsung tab pro 12.2 for myself and my wife without realizing the fact that the link on their home website 'get it on GooglePlay' leads to a 404. ;)
  • It is unlikely at this stage that there will be a release of the VideoScribe app on Android in the near future. 

    It is something that we are working on but is not a high priority at the moment.

  • That's a really sad news though. :(
  • I agree. We have a ton of Android users in the US who feel dissed by apple - biased policies.
  • Please consider making this a high priority. Not everybody uses an iPad.(or wants to)
  • Android app. I am really pissed off that you only have an apple app. Furthermore, i subscribed to Videoscribe. If you ever do do the android app which is promised in a number of places by the way, would I need to pay further to get the mobile app version?

  • The iOS app is free to download. Rendering to the camera roll or via requires in app purchases even if you have a Pro licence. It will be the same with the Android version.

  • Thanks fro your answer, but the key question is is there going to be an android app versino at all. I saw a post above from 2015 that says it's not a priority, and that was a year ago.

  • The status is the same at the moment I'm afraid. 

  • That is freakin useless and infuriating! You need to get the Android one done. What is the problem? You figure you don't want 80% of the smartphone market?

  • We have 2 apps available on Android at the moment which are VideoScribe Now and Tawe. I'll post a link to our developer page on the Google Play store below so you can see what we have on offer at any given time.

  • I have tried the Videoscribe Now thing. It's pretty awful.As far as I can see TAWE is something completely different altogether.

    Why won't you do the Android App of VS Anywhere?

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