Is there a way to add actual video footage to your scribe?

  • I'm a new member to Videoscribe and I really like it so far, however, I was wanting to add a short video clip to my scribe and I didn't see a way to do this.  Would this be an option for the future maybe?


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  • Good question

  • It's not on the product roadmap at the moment but it's a good suggestion. If you want this to be a feature please 'like' the original post as we monitor that to see what would be most popular with our customers

  • Is there a workaround for this for now?  I am creating a video into which we'd like to insert some very short (5-10 second) video clips of people speaking dialogue.  Could this be done in, say, Illustrator, by splicing together the mp4 files and the .scribe file?

  • Danielle, no workarounds within VideoScribe itself but yes there is other video editing software available where you could merge 2 videos

  • Oh no! I really need to do this. I am very new to this, and have no idea how or what other video software to get.

    I also can't spend anymore on this, does anyone have any tips?



  • Alana - the way I worked around this was to create my Scribe, download it as a file to my desktop, then open it in iMovie. In iMovie, I was able to splice in my video clips where I wanted them within the scribe, then to save the file again as a whole video file. Once that's done, you can't upload it back to Scribe (and you can't do much editing of the Scribe portions of your movie file in iMovie). So, I would not do this step until you're comfortable that editing of your Scribe file is complete.

    Hope this helps.

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