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  • Please introduce text to speech. It really supports and reduces the cycle time to do quality voice overs. Kindly consider

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  •  As my voice becomes more tired with advancing age, I have become a real fan of text-to-speech.  But, so far, the majors applications providing this capability like Speechelo and Descript have only come close to real inflection.  The only voices I have found so far that I've felt met my expressive expectations are Ava M.  and Wade C.  from wellsaidlabs.com.

    It does puzzle me that the other voices on that same platform seem so flat in emotion compared to the two I mentioned.

    These would be my hopes for any future text to speech capabilities in Videoscribe.

  • Yes, Please introduce text to speech. It is one of the most important things we need in this.

  •  The more I use the WellSaid Labs voices, the more I appreciate the value they bring.  I am certain that is because that is all they do.  I know the value of text to speech with VideoScribe; but, having tried AI voices that were included in other video editing suites, I doubt that a company whose attention is focused on Scribing could do as well as a company that is dedicated to perfecting AI speech as a sole endeavor.

    The down side, of course, is that they have a monthly subscription fee.  It's worth it to me; but, I understand that an additional subscription is not as preferable as built-in if the quality would be the same.

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