What templates would you like to see?

  • Hello VideoScribers!

    A little reveal about a new feature dropping soon in v3.4 of VideoScribe.

    We are making templates of various styles, designs and on a range of subjects. They will be aimed at different levels of VideoScribe technical ability and showcase a whole host of techniques to make a great video. So it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro there will be something that will interest you. 

    We will be building on the initial template set and, as always, we value your input. Please let us know what templates would be useful to you and we'll see what our creative team can do. 

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Support Manager @ Sparkol

  • We have just released v3.4.0 of VideoScribe and this includes our new templates feature. Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe to make the most of this new addition. 

    Let us know what you think of the initial 6 templates and request anything new that you would like to see by commenting on this forum.

  • Can you do a monthly community contest to feature what VideoScribe users are doing? You could set a theme of the scribe - marketing, how to, scenario, invitation, introduction, change management, specific business types, color theme, a specific VideoScribe feature or image, etc, then feature the winner (and winner gets a free SVG download as the prize). Then provide that scribe as a template for all users.

  • Thanks for the input Stephanie, it's an interesting idea and I'll pass it onto the Marketing and Social teams for consideration.

  • Hie, could you please make a template on birthday wishes to a loved one. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the idea Maurinus, I'll add that to the list for the team to work on

  • For those who haven't seen them yet we added some new Halloween templates recently -  https://blog.videoscribe.co/3-scarily-captivating-editable-halloween-video-templates 

  • The templates are great, however I have little use for the holiday themes. Professional or business themes are much more useful-- (at least to me!) Some ideas- teaching/education, aviation, healthcare, nursing, physician, crime/law enforcement, legal/courts/  construction projects, security, safety, military, globalism, customer service, employee engagement, communication, emotional intelligence, managing change, training and development, government regulation and compliance, Innovation,  active listening, diversity in the workplace,  conflict, harassment, and solving problems in groups.

    These are just ideas.  I have nothing against birthday wishes or holidays, but I suspect a major market is for those in business/education/government. You product has been a smash hit for me when used in these venues. If you would like some suggestions for visuals on one or two of these items, I'd be happy to contribute (gratis). Let me know. Lots of potential here.  Cole in Phoenix.

  • Thanks for the feedback Cole! I'm the member of the team who's been working on templates for the past half year or so :)

    The idea of more specific professional templates is a great one - I was thinking of some along these lines the other day, and you've highlighted even more topics with potential. Definitely watch this space.

    The holiday templates we've designed have been quite popular so far, but we understand the need for a balance in our library. Expect lots of new general themes and templates over the course of the year.

    Out of interest, do you look to templates for their content, their design, or both? We have been experimenting a lot with the way we design our templates and what content they include, testing the waters for what our users find most helpful and appealing.

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