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  • Are there any experienced users willing to help a novice get a video done in the next week? I would provide the script and image ideas and - hopefully - learn more by working with you. Please reply with examples of your work and the best way to structure a fee.

  • Hi,

    The Sparkol Marketplace is one place to look. It is run by sparkol and it is one place that is most likely to have people who are familiar with videoscribe. Some folks might reply here in this thread as well.

    Also Elance, oDesk,,, and similar freelancing sites... be sure to specifically ask for someone with Sparkol videoscribe experience, and check their portfolios and client feedback, because skill level and other factors vary widely from freelancer to freelancer! If you want original artwork instead of sparkol library images or SVGstudio images, make that clear to the applicants.

    Good luck

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike - Many thanks.  I will try the Marketplace.

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