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  • Hi,

    First time user.  I am trying to set up a simple text scribe. I'm not seeing how to control the pan, zoom,  and position.  I just want it to stay at the top of the page without changing in size.  then exit the screen, and then the next text scribe comes in,  It seems like there should be time stamps for when you want actions to start and stop.  When I click the "zoom in" and "zoom out" buttons, the results are completely different than what I expected.  This app is completely unintuitive.  The help videos don't help.  For example, when you look at video 1, what causes the text on the door and the van to zoom in at the moment the text was written on the door?  I watched that video at least 5 times, and do not see how that was done.  Is it possible to speak with someone on the phone?  I think a few minutes on the phone would help me get a grasp on how this app works.  It seems like it can do a lot of nice things, but how to get there has so far been elusive.

  • Hi Matt

    I'm not sure where you are in the world but support can be called during UK office hours - contact details are here.  You could also start a chat too if it pops up at the bottom. That might be good.

    I think the piece of the puzzle you'e missing is 'camera positioning'  This is covered in Video Tutorial 2.  There's also an 'Instant Answer' on it called Use Zoom

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