there is no download

  • i registered in sparkol but i can't download it when i click on "free trial"

    it began download books (2 pdf files) but not setup file msi

    why? please help!

  • Try this link instead

  • It doesn't work. I click on "Download for Windows" and this page open...

  • Ok that page works fine here and both of those links are the only way to download VideoScribe so if they were not working we would know about it. In fact I can see from our reports there are successful downloads taking place at the moment so the page is working. Therefore that would mean there is something about your browser or computer security settings that are blocking the download of .msi files (as you can download the .pdf files ok). 

    Unfortunately I cannot copy the text from that screenshot to run it through a translator and know what it says. But I believe it looks similar to a standard Google security warning. If it is the text on the right () should translate to advanced and I believe this gives you options to continue anyway. If you can provide translations of the screen shot I may be able to help further.

  • I downloaded file on other computer. Thank you

  • There in no download option for desktop application available in my account.Chat bot ineffective.

  •  at the link Barry provided:

    I see a blue DOWNLOAD button which leads to a login page and then to a page with a link to download the current 64 bit version as well as links to two older versions.

    Do you see something different?  Possibly provide a screenshot if necessary.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Here's a direct link to the downloads page-

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