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  • Hi, is there any contact info for Sparkol customer support? 
    I need videoscribe registered version for our organization purpose. 

    Irfan Ullah 
    0321 906 8079 

    from Pakistan

  • You can contact us privately by opening a support ticket.

  • Naresh- we are going to delete your comment, as this is a public forum and you shouldn't be posting personal information. 

    Please raise a ticket directly with the support team. 

  • 1. Need details on range of users that are allowed for each subscription plan type, monthly and yearly. Also discounts that can be possibly provided for each subscription type of plan for following User range: 5 – 10 users / 10 -30 users / 30 – 50 users / 50 -100 users

    2. Since we are doing educational type of video training for underprivileged, free of cost, what possible discounts that you can possibly offer, with the number of users allowed, for each of the subscription type of plan, monthly and yearly.

    3. Is there any limitation of video exporting / downloading with respect to number and minutes of each video?

    4. Do you provide any storage for each user, and if yes, what is the limitation of storage per user, in each plan?

    5. Including the said price that you will offer, pls let me know any additional costs applicable while purchasing.


  • Your customer care number is not working. I need to update my Videoscribe account. This is emergency. Please contact me +91-9348082838, India mail
  • Payment is not happening. Please help me to resolve this problem
  • The sales team is available Monday- Friday. 

    Yesterday (Monday 26 May) was a bank holiday in England, and Sparkol was closed.

    Please contact the sales team here-

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