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  • I've been using the free trial version of Videoscribe for a few days and I've just uploaded my video to Youtube. I was under the impression the the 'Videoscribe Free Trial' watermark in the background would disappear once I uploaded the video. I read multiple posts in the q&a section of this website and the admins stated clearly 'the only thing that will show is the VideoScribe logo in the bottom right corner of the video, when publishing a scribe during the free trial' (this is a direct quote from one of the posts by an admin). There is no logo at the bottom right of my video, just the watermark in the background. How do I remove this?

  • The location of the watermark has changed in recent Videoscribe versions I think. You probably read some old guides referring to version 2.

    Videos published using a free trial will always have the watermark.

    Paid subscribers can publish videos without a watermark.

    -Mike(videoscribe user)


  • That's correct, the free-trial watermark changed in v3.0.6 of VideoScribe which was released on the 7th February this year from a bold logo the bottom corner to a faded logo over the whole of the canvas.


  • Wow. That's incredibly non-transparent and misleading.... I was actually thinking of purchasing the software, but would never get involved with a company that resorts to tricks like that. Such misleading advertising isn't going to get you many fans.

  • Hi,

    The watermark logo is mentioned in several places, including the free trial description/licensing FAQ: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/articles/1000205667-videoscribe-free-7-day-trial


    The free trial grants you access to most of VideoScribe’s features, but there are a few restrictions and differences between the trial and the full subscription product:

    • You can only render your completed project to YouTube, FaceBook or PowerPoint during trial. Rendering to a local video file is disabled
    • All rendered videos will carry a VideoScribe watermark
    • You cannot choose the size or quality of your rendered video
    • You cannot access premium images, these are an additional cost even with a subscription but we cannot charge you for them until you have a paid account
    • You cannot work offline or use the trial on multiple computers
    • You do not have video resale rights as a trial user

    If you can provide a specific description of what you would like Sparkol to change to be "more transparent and less misleading", Sparkol would probably be interested in your feedback.

  • I was also misled by this! Just finished my assignment for university to find that the background does not disappear after upload! I’m so disappointed as this software has been great to use. I will never use it again and won’t be recommending it! You should really make it explicit and update your tutorials.
  • Sparkol would probably be interested to know specifically which written page or video is misleading. You could provide a link to the misleading website page (or video) and a specific quote of the misleading words (or a time stamp in a video), along with the words that you would prefer to see (or hear).

  • http://help.videoscribe.co/support/solutions/articles/11000048162-videoscribe-tutorials Tutorial five: publishing the video Explicits states that “if you are using the trial version you will see the Sparkol logo in the bottom corner, users with a subscription will be able to upload their own logo”. No mention of a huge watermark ruining the whole video!!!
  • Good catch. They should update that video or add one of those youtube popup message indicating that in newer versions of the program, the watermark has been changed from the corner to the background.

  • Hi Gemma

    This tutorial is indeed in need of an update, the watermark has changed since it was published.

    This is scheduled and will be updated as soon as possible.

  • OMG this is s disappointing. I just spent the day working out how to use it and now I realise that the watemark is going to totally ruin my video. I could understand a small watermark (like on other free apps) but this watermark  is way over the top.

  • Just downloaded the program to use it, does this watermark still appear today like this? Through the whole background of the video? Or you changed your policy to the old bottom corner watermark? 

  • I am not a free trial member so I can't easily test that. but you could easily make a 5 second video with one drawing to find out for yourself.

  • The watermark is shown on the background of the rendered free trial video.

    If you don't want the watermark, you can always purchase a subscription. 

  •  Do you realize that with these ugly and obtrusive watermarks you scare away potential customers right at the beginning of a customer relationship? Not very intelligent ...
    I had really thought about testing the program extensively and maybe buying/subscribing. But I can't use the presentations this way, it would only scare off my customers. So I won't even start to try the program.
    Very stupid, very, very stupid ...

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