VideoScribe adds extra time at end of video?

  • Why does Videoscribe add extra time at the end of the video? The timeline says 30 seconds, but the rendered video is longer! How do I fix this? 

  • Hi,
    Here's a Sparkol support answer from a previous thread:

    "By default VideoScribe adds a few seconds on the end of the scribe to give time for your story to sink in before closing. Think of how a video ends in Youtube, for example.

    Obviously if your Scribe is only 3 seconds to begin with, there's a strong argument to be able to switch off the extra 4 seconds that will arrive on the end.

    Cropping the video in post production is the obvious solution for right now, but if you'd like to see the option for the ending to be removed, please add it in the ideas section

    Answered by Ian Howlett "

    Until this change is implemented I think that the only option is to trim unwanted seconds in a video editing program like camtasia or freemake

    (this answer applies to videoscribe version 1.3.26 but it may also apply to other versions)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Videoscribe adding arbitrary time to a video, without showing it on the timeline, is like Microsoft Word adding extra characters to a document, or Photoshop adding arbitrary brush strokes to an image, or more relevantly, Final Cut adding extra time to a Hollywood movie. It just isn't done!

  • I agree with you, Dave! Just having it added to the overall timeline would be nice so you know what you're working with. Maybe each new scribe could come with a 4 second "pause" element that always defaults to the end of the scribe. You can make it editable and allow it to be removed completely, shortened to say, 2 seconds if desired, or lengthen the time if you want that.

  • "You can make it editable and allow it to be removed completely, shortened to say, 2 seconds if desired, or lengthen the time if you want that."

    Steve, the timeline is already editable. You can add any delay you want to the end of the video. The extra time added arbitrarily by VideoScribe is a bad problem, not a feature to be enhanced!

  • Be sure to post that suggestion in the ideas section as suggested in Ian's quote above!


  • Dave, I understand that. But with the confusion that you, Mike, and I have seen over the past few months about transition times and pauses between elements (not to mention other features), it isn't necessarily a bad thing to have a buffer built in to the end. What if Sparkol made it like the Transition times? There could be a default for the buffer of 4 seconds that you can either turn off, change to a time of your choice, or leave as the default. It could also be editable within each scribe in case you didn't want to change your "global template."

  • ''give time for your story to sink in before closing''  I dont buy it... that's not a feature, that's an error, is driving me crazy, not all the videos allow me to cut or compensate that error easily, is breaking the idea of a ''easy to use tool that don't need additional advance editing software'' and is affecting the deliver to my clients. FIX your stuff  videoscribe.

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