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  • Is there a way to group several items so they can be moved as one unit, as opposed to individually?

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  •  That feature is not available in the currently downloadable version (1.3.26) of videoscribe. However it was briefly available in some versions that were recalled for further testing, and it is included in version 1.4.** which is currently being beta tested for release soon.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks!

  • I would really like that. 

    When will this 1.4.** version be available, or is it going to be a 2.** version?

  • Hi

    This feature will be in version 2.0 which is currently in Beta test so it will be available soon.


    Andy Hardyman

  • How can I tell which version I'm using? I just downloaded an update -- are we "grouping" yet? ;-)


  • Hi,
    To see what verion you have:
    I think if you login to videoscribe version 2 (the blue version), and click the question mark in the lower right corner it will tell you the version number (in version 1, the green version, you have to click the marker/logo in the upper left corner)

    The current version is 2.0.2  with version 2.1.0 coming next.

    I think you can select multiple elements on the canvas or in the timeline using the ctrl (PC) or command (mac) key on your keyboard plus your mouse click.

    you can watch the video tutorials or read the PDF for basic user information:

    You can also read the blog pages for more information:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Fantastic, thanks Mike!

    Hold down Ctrl (or Cmd for Mac) + click to select multiple items for moving, resizing, or deleting.


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