Numerical Zoom and Rotation Specification

  • Please add the ability to specify canvas zoom level and object rotation numerically (examples: 125% zoom, 135 degree rotation). The current method for both is awkward at best, and horrendous when you have spent time precision rotating an object to a strange angle (123 degrees), then mistakenly click on the rotation control. 

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  • Hi Dave, great news!  In the new version 2 - coming soon - you can set the rotation by a numeric value and you can see and set the zoom on the canvas by a numerical value too!  Great suggestion and will be available shortly.

  •  Yes, I will vote on numerically changing the zoom level with presets. Also, it will nice if the zoom level is visible all the time instead of just during changing.

  • Given that the Zoom factor is one of the constant issues mentioned by you, let me highly recommend that you make the zoom factor an ever present number. At this point the only way I know what I am zoomed at is to zoom in or out to activate that number. And then back. We hope.

  • Did this feature get implemented yet and I'm just missing it?

  • Entering a numerical value for rotation has been implemented.

    Setting the zoom using a numerical value is not yet a feature in VideoScribe.

  • Please add precision/numerical canvas zoom control.


  • I have logged the ability to numerically adjust the zoom with our development team as a feature request.

  • Hi all, i can't find the Numerical Zoom function. Is it already working?

    This would increase and decrease much easier! Now it is very difficult to resize an image.

    Thanx for your reply

  • Numerical zoom and image resizing are not yet available.

  • This feature request has now been implemented in the latest version 2.3.4.

    The zoom factor now remains visible at all times and can be typed in manually.

    Thanks for your request, please do let us know how we improve VideoScribe.