How to stop the movie in the last scene?

  • I would like my video just stand in the last scene, where I put the phone and email contacts. Is it possible to do this? How can I do?

  •  Paid members can disable the "zoom-out-at-the-end" feature. (free trial users cannot)

    This thread explains the process:

    If that does not answer your question, please provide a more detailed description.

    Mike (videoscribe user)

  • This does not provide an answer. It just gives a list of other questions. I would like an answer to this question. How to disable "zoom on the last scene/end of the video" 


  • The link that was provided in 2014 points to an article that has moved or no longer exists, so clicking the the link now redirects you to the instant answers page.

    The checkbox to enable the "ZOOM out at the end of a video" is located in two places.

    1) At the bottom of the screen when you are previewing your project.

    2) At the bottom of the "share or download scribe" options window when you are publishing your video.

    Mike (videoscribe user)

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