Improving new VideoScribe Help site

  • The following suggestions will help user productivity:

      At, the top image is pictures of Sparkol staff. While we love Sparkol staff, especially Joe and Andy, when we visit this page we users are actually looking for help, not staff photos. Would you consider placing a HELP SEARCH BOX somewhere on this page, and most helpfully, right at the top where the staff photos are now? This help box should default to ALL, not Community or Instant Answers.
      As Mike Metcalf said in a previous request, the Pro icon in a question helps us decide what kind of response to give.
      When someone like Mike Metcalf posts one of his detailed answers with images, completely solving a problem, Sparkol is missing a huge opportunity if you don't elevate that post to an Instant Answer. So much wisdom is locked up in the old forums at, I wish we could elevate some of those to instant answers too! Please consider adding a way for users to suggest a post be elevated to Instant Answers, or some other method to get better use out of great community postings. Added bonus: endless repeat postings about the same old questions will go down! 

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  • Good ideas, Dave. is more of a cover page for new visitors. Existing customers will probably want to bookmark Instant Answers or the VideoScribe Community as a starting point. However, we've added some links at the top of the page to speed up the navigation.

    We can't add Pro icons with our new system. Perhaps in the future, but not possible right now.

    We've already added some new Instant Answers based on Community posts – and will continue to do so for the most asked and most relevant posts. Thanks!

  • This feature request has now been implemented with our Help site update.

    Unfortunately, we could not bring back the old Pro icons but we have made numerous changes that we hope will benefit you.

    Feel free to take a look around the new site and let us know if there any further suggestions for improvement.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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