Complete Hand Sets-Draw, Erase, Move, Point

  • Dave Backs requested this in the question forum, I'm moving it to the Ideas forum: We need complete, consistent hand sets that include: 

    • Drawing hands
    • Moving-in hands
    • Erasing hands
    • Pointing hands
    These sets should all be photographed with one model, wearing the same clothes. Of course, we also need a selection: 
    • Dark skin
    • Light skin
    • Children
    • Adults

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  • The pointing hand is important for simulations on the ipad (or tablet). Use the finger to draw. I haven't seen anyone drawing on their ipad with a sharpie (but I'm sure it's happened). 


  • Please, please, please add these complete hand sets. At least one default, perhaps male, white, right hand - to satisfy the majority of user needs.  It looks really weird to have a male hand through out a video, then suddenly pop up a child's or woman's hand with an eraser.  The client isn't impressed when I tell him that's my only option at the moment (I can't easily photograph my own hand to import).



  • Hello guys

    Thank you for your thoughts on the hands in VideoScribe, we are going to be addressing the hands library in VideoScribe very soon to really improve the options there.

    We will be testing a variety of different hands, backgrounds and lighting settings before completing a comprehensive list of hands with pens, erasers, move in options, all done in sets. So we will have sets of hands, with different pens and options for each one.

    So keep a lookout, because there will be more soon.



  • Max,

    is it also possible to group these sets of hands in a folder or something, so you don't have to search your way around 100's of different hands/pointing devices?

  • This is such a basic thing, I'm really disappointed that it hasn't been addressed already. How can you create a convincing video without at least one complete set of hand images?


  • As mentioned above, we are working on some new sets of hands for VideoScribe. We have been testing what works well and have plans to really improve this area of VideoScribe. Thanks.

  • At least 5 monthes passed since this question had been raised. VideoScribe is a wonderful software, so it is very strange that it still doesn't have at least one set of white male hands... Please add bare hand and hand with eraser which are similar to the basic one.  

  • Hi there, there will be a number of grouped handset in VidepoScribe version 2.1.


  • Perfect, thanks. 

  • Also consider a white board eraser only (no hand)


  • I have looked through all of the hand sets. And although I have nothing against left-handed people, why are the vast majority of them left-handed? And why are there so few erasers?

    I need a default hand set that has colored pens, and an eraser. And while we're at it, who uses a vinyl eraser on a whiteboard? O.o

    Seriously, I get you can change the background to look like paper and whatnot, but for the vast majority of explainer videos out there, the clients want the classic whiteboard.

    Right now, my only option is to use a hand which has a black sharpie (again, on a whiteboard???) so I can get an eraser too - Jonny I think. When I use another color, it looks really, really bad (so says the client), as the barrel of the sharpie is black, but the writing is in color. I am not set up for custom photography to import hands.

    I hear the "default" hand changes the color of the tip to correspond with what its drawing - but, there is no eraser with that hand, and how do you change the color of an imported SVG?

    I'm not looking forward to taking the resulting video, HD or not, into AfterEffects just to change color and such, but it looks like that is what's gonna happen.

    Perhaps I took "Pro" a bit too literally?


  • All good feedback, thanks.

    If the focal point of the tool is hands and pens, shouldn't that be where the IP shines?

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your feedback - I'll pass it on to our content team so they can take this into account when planning further updates for the Hands library.

    Also I've attached a video which shows how to change the colour of basic line drawings in VideoScribe - I hope this helps.

  • This feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-3409 and will be updated when further information becomes available.

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