Is it possible for objects to appear later, but in background (not on top)?

  • Hi there

    Firstly, your software is great!

    What I'm looking to do is draw a laptop, then draw a background (sky / grass etc) underneath.

    Problem is, if I draw the laptop first, then background draws on top of the laptop.

    Is it possible for the background to draw at a later time than the laptop, but effectively be on a lower layer?

    Hope that makes sense!


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  • Hi Mark,

    Unfortunately this is not possible as VideoScribe does not handle layers in that way.

    You could add it as an idea though for a possible future release.

  •  It appears the current version of VideoScribe does STACKING then FLATTENING rather than retain objects in permanent layers.  Truly permanent layering where a new element could be inserted over and under existing layers, as suggested above, would be extremely helpful.

    Permanent layering could have another benefit.  It would allow elements to have BOTH IN and OUT events without the need for a separate erasing object.

  • Hi Tom

    I've moved your idea into our area 'ideas and feature requests' for you - I hope that's ok :)

    Until such time as we can provide something like this, a workaround would be to export the image out of VideoScribe, do a bit of clever masking or deleting in the image such that you're left with only the bit you would see, and then re-importing in the usual way.

    To edit the image

    -add it to the canvas

    -right-click and 'export to SVG'

    -open in an SVG editor such as Adobe illustrator or Inkscape

    -save and import back to VideoScribe in the usual way.

  • Perfectly OK.  :)

    True layering is definitely the easiest to deal with from a user's point of view. :)


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