where'd you go morph?

  • Last week i built several projects with the free trial. All great - including morph animations.  I upgraded to the pro version today....

    The morph option is not showing up for new projects - although when i open projects i created with the trial, the morph button is there.

    Call me crazy?? Where'd the morph button go?!

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  •  Hi,

    1) You cannot apply a morph to the first element in a scribe.

    2) click an element (not the first element) in the timeline at the bottom of the screen twice to bring up the options menu:

    3) If morph is not one of the first three options, you may need to scroll to the right to see more options

    4) Morph should show up for SVG elements (like library images), if they are not the first element in the scribe. I'm not sure if it shows up for png and jpg images and text.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Ahh, brilliant.  Thanks Mike - i knew i was missing the obvious!





  •  I Bought Videoscribe for one month but somehoe morp botton could not opened, what must i do? i need this for eraser effect. and i make svg file from adobe illustrator.

  • I bought sparkol for one month, but somehow the morp botton could not opened, what must i do?

  • When using the morph function you must select an element for that element to morph from. As the element in your screenshot is the first element, there is nothing to morph from so the option is not available. You must have two or more image elements on the canvas and you cannot morph the first element.

    How to Morph images

  • (I know I'm waaay late to respond to this but I just ran across it... )

    As explained for both of the previous questions in this thread. you cannot apply a morph to the very first element in a scribe.

    For an eraser effect, just have the hand draw a white image on top of the image you want to "erase"

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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