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  • I saw a thread in the old community forum regarding selecting multiple images using Ctrl + Click but this doesn't work on the Mac using Cmd (or any other possible key combination). Has this been removed? This is some basic functionality that appears to be missing in ver. 1.3.26. 

  • Hi Michael, you're correct. It was available in 1.3.31 and 1.3.32 but not 1.3.26.

    For former versions have been withdrawn but the feature will be back in the next version.

    Thanks, Joe

  • Hi I just subscribed to Sparkol and I use a MAC its not much use to me if I can't select multiple images !!

    Please advise when the next version is available 

    Frustrating to say the least !?!?

  • It's out now!

    In fact, we're already on version 2.0.1 and will soon release 2.0.2 as part of our ongoing interim release programme, before releasing major updates 2.1 and 2.2 later in the year

    See our website for the latest version

  •  I just downloaded the new version of VideoScribe, and the Cmd select feature is not working on MAC. If this does not work, it can seriously set you back. Any advice? I have tried multiple combinations of keys to select multiple images, and nothing is working.

    Please advise.

  • Hi Jessica,

    Sorry that you are having issues with this. I've tested the cmd functions here and they seem to be working with 2.0.2. Do you still get the same issue if you close down VideoScribe and re-open it?

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