How to use mathmatical term

  •  Hi

    I am new here , i want to make white board animation for math that is algebraic

    equation , but dont understand how can i do this.

    Please help me if anybody know this.

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  • In the Library there is a folder called 'Education: Maths'.  Note that this is a Pro library: it is not available on the trial.

    You can type one letter in the text window and make it large, for an 'a', 'b', 'x' etc.

    There are also a good deal of arrows and process elements in 'Process'.  This is generally available.

    You can also draw your own images if you wish

  • So if upgrade to PRO , can we write 1/2 or sq root sign. I see the font package in the trial but it's not working now! Is that going work if I update it to pro. Please advise!



  • (starting with version 2.0 trial users and pro users have access to all of the same library images, so upgrading will probably not affect your ability to use the images.)

    Ian was referring to a set of library images called "Education: Maths" not a font package. Can you describe more clearly what you mean by the "font package" and in what way it is "not working now"?  Are you unable to install a font?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Yes, I installed the font which has some math icon to it, but what ever I type it shows same icons. Please see the attachment.



  • Hi,
    That thing you circled is the name of the selected font written in that font. you can't edit that.  You have to type letters numbers or symbols into the box above that, where it says "your message".

    when you import any font, you will see checkboxes and options to import various extended sets of characters for that font, if you think you did not import them all, you can delete the font and then import it again with more options selected.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I know, but what ever I type in "your message" it shows the same symbols that Its not related what I type. For example, if I type "Hello"  it shows four symbols,  I did import all type of characters.



  • If you imported a font set in which every letter has been replaced by a mathematical symbol,  you will not be able to type "hello" with it. every key that you press will make a math symbol.

    If you want to type letters or numbers or other regular symbols that you see on your keyboard, instead of math symbols, you will have to click the plus or minus symbols on the text window to switch to a different font.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I tried numbers too. For example, when I type 1/2 + 1/7 =, I will get the attachment symbols.  I think I am missing something here! or it should be like this. Please advise!

  • Hi,
    I'll try to explain this more clearly. I'm guessing that you installed a font that has special symbols INSTEAD OF letters and numbers. You currently have THAT font selected. While you use that font, EVERY key on your keyboard will (probably) produce a symbol instead of a letter or number.

    If you want to type the regular letters numbers and symbols that are on your keyboard then switch to a different font. To switch to a different font, try clicking the plus or minus symbols in the text menu. They are on the left and right sides of the font name which you circled:
    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I know how to change the font, and print 1/2, but I would like to be able to type or print 1/2 as it shows in font.  Or be able to show square root 21 or 4 square root 12 ,.... or any other basic algebra.  



  • (You'll probably need to make the square root symbol a text element by itself and make the 21 a separate text element using a different font)

    maybe support will have a different suggestion.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Any body from support can answer my above questions? 



  • I have the same request for basic math symbols.  I can't even figure out how to draw a line.  I spent 2 hours trying to do a long division symbol.  The " )"  part is simple -- but you can't draw a line!  It is not in the library and you can't import or copy/paste from Word.  I have the paid version.

  • Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for your question. 

    At present mathematical terms are not part of the font options.

    There is a work around for this although it requires a few steps.

    There is a website called CodeCogs which allows you to create Mathematical terms as SVG files.

    You can then import the files into VideoScribe although I would recommend that you use the Move in option rather than the draw option for these items.

    If you would like them to draw, You will likely need to edit the files further

    Once you have created the terms you want, you will need to make a few adjustments to the file using an SVG editing tool like InkScape (free) or Adobe Illustrator.

    In InkScape you can open load the file your created.

    Select the whole item and then select 'Path' at the top menu

    If you then Select Object to Path, this will enable you to set the stroke to a colour e.g. Black.

    Save this file and you will be able to import it into VideoScribe as an image.

    It will give you a result similar to the attached file.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    (12.3 KB)
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